DeliVerde Puutarhat Ltd is a family-owned, Turku-based company, which raises premium-grade herbs, lettuces and vegetables. Our gardens have set the tone in Finland for years, and we are also an award-winning grower of the highest quality produce. Our gardening operations have evolved over more than 20 years, so that everyone has the chance to enjoy high-quality, nutritious food. The gardens are comprised of ten greenhouses with a total growing area of two hectares and fields with a total area of three hectares under cultivation. We employ a permanent staff of 50 employees in total.

DeliVerde products are sold throughout Finland in K-Citymarket, Prisma, S-market, Stockmann Herkku and selected K-Supermarket stores. Our luscious, delicious and rich produce is also a favourite of many top restaurants. DeliVerde’s herbs, lettuces and vegetables are used at, among others, Olo, Palace, Savoy, Kaskis, Kakola, Smör and Nooa.


We have developed a wide variety of operating methods that work on nature’s own terms. In our garden, lettuces and herbs are raised in as environmentally-friendly a manner as possible: all water used throughout the garden is recycled, heat is generated in our own renewable energy production plant, and we use as much natural light as possible in cultivation. Our lettuces are among the biggest and juiciest on the market, we let them grow to full size at their own peace. Our lettuces and herbs are so pure that they can be eaten straight out of the bag.

Wherever possible, we always choose the most environmentally-friendly alternative in growing our produce. For example, biopesticide organisms play a key role in pest control. Biopesticides use other organisms to eliminate pests instead of chemical plant protection agents. We use green electricity in our garden and our transport company delivers our produce on environmentally-friendly biodiesel.

More environmentally-friendly packaging

We also want to pave the way when it comes to packaging. Our long term goal is to entirely eliminate waste from our operations. We are constantly exploring biodegradable materials, and hope to discover optimal solutions for our packaging needs. We haven’t been able to find the kind of biodegradable packaging that would properly keep lettuce, but we’re determined to find one. Our plastic bags are of the highest quality, fully recyclable and allow our customers to keep food waste to a minimum. We sell our lush lettuces in resealable bags, which extend their shelf life.

We have been praised for using only 100% recyclable packaging. The resealable bags extend the shelf life of our produce and reduce the amount of plastic waste. Our pots, made of recycled polypropylene, are also recyclable.

Food waste and waste management

For us, reducing food waste is of the utmost importance. The amount of food waste generated by our garden is minimal, as the cultivation of herbs, lettuces and vegetables is through and very carefully planned. We also have a diverse clientele. Growing medium waste is composted and used to improve the soil in our fields. We donate seconds directly to charity organisation Operaatio Ruokakassi. Our resealable bags also reduce food waste, as the lettuces and rucolas stay fresh and crunchy in them longer.



Deliverde puutarhat Oy
Paimalantie 190
20380 Turku



Eero Lindroth, 040 759 9676

Hannu Lindroth, 040 734 4585


Sales, 044 975 2838

Liisa Lindroth, 0400 928 449



Open on the Turku Market Square in the summer
0400 258 208

The Salad Shops (Salaattishopit) in the Kupittaa and Länsikeskus K-Citymarket stores are now open all year round.


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